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Exclusive: Ja Rule Reveals The Hardest Thing About Prison Life



Nearly six-months after being released from prison, rapper Ja Rule is opening up about his time spent behind bars.

During a sit down interview to talk about his latest film, I’m In Love With A Church Girl, the rapper said his experience is “indescribable.”

“I could explain it all day, but people still won’t understand what it’s like to eat the food. What it’s like to be told what to do on a daily basis, have a curfew, have to go to bed at 11 o’clock. Can’t see your family, can’t see your friends,” he told HipHollywood.

The rapper, who served two years for gun possession and failure to pay taxes, shard with HH that the time served was well spent. “I read a lot of books, got my mind right. Took my GED while I was in there, got that,” he explained.

“You spend a lot of time with yourself, learning about yourself, who you are. The people you have hurt on the outside, the people that are actually doing this time with you. People don’t realize you’re not doing that time alone,” the rapper said.

Ja even revealed that while he was in the state, he served time with men with high profile cases, including former Tyco International CEO, Dennis Kozlowski and art dealer, Larry Salander.

“All of these guys are really smart guys, much older than me. I picked their brains a lot and learned a lot from those guys. Those were a lot of aha moments for me,” the rapper said.

Be sure to check out Ja’s film, I’m In Love With A Church Girl in theaters now.

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