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Exclusive: Does Ja Rule Agree That Kendrick Lamar Is The King Of New York?



The question still remains … Is Kendrick Lamar the king of New York?

Kendrick stirred up the world of hip-hop when he titled himself the king of New York in his verse on “Control,” but what does New York rapper Ja Rule think about the self-proclamation?

During an exclusive sit down with Ja to talk about his film I’m In Love With A Church Girl, the 37-year-old shared with HH his reaction to Kendrick’s statement.

“Come on, he lives in LA, how can he be the king of New York,” Ja joked. “I think people took that out of context. I really think he was biggin’ up New York and biggin’ up some of the artists that he even mentioned on the record,” the rapper said.

“I think he was kind of giving them their respect and their props saying that you dudes are my competition. You dudes are the guys that everybody’s looking at as the top guys in the business, so you guys are the guys I’m aiming for. I think it was all in good competitive sport,” he added.

Kendrick Lamar is constantly shaking up the rap world with his lyrics, hence the reason why he won the award for “Lyricist of the Year” at this week’s BET Hip-Hop Awards. During the awards show, the rapper took the stage to perform his T.D.E Cypher where he slammed all of hip-hop including Drake.

So when talking with Ja, we had to ask what his thoughts were on rap wars. “When you’re the top dog in the hip-hop game, everybody wants the crown. But what they don’t realize is heavy is the head that wears the crown,” the rapper who is no stranger to beefing with fellow rap artists said.

“You gotta be on your game. I think it’s beautiful. It’s a competitive spirit. I think it’s good for hip-hop, it’s what we do. It’s somehow, when you look at it down the road after you’ve gone through it, you may look at it and say it’s childish … But in the midst of it all it’s just good heated competition,” he explained.

Ja was release in May after serving two years behind bars for gun possession and failure to pay taxes. Since being released, the rapper has dropped a number of songs including “Fresh Out Da Pen.”

The 37-year-old’s film I’m In Love With A Church Girl is out today.

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