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Exclusive: Bishop McClendon Talks About His “Entourage” & Responds to Bishop T.D. Jakes



Bishop Clarence McClendon had folks talking, tweeting and hashtagging after his fallout with Deitrick Haddon on episode one of “Preachers of L.A.”

The two got into a heated debate over whether pastors should receive honorariums for speaking engagements, as well as if it’s acceptable for them to travel with an “entourage.”

HipHollywood sat down with Bishop McClendon who shared his thoughts on the subject.

“Jesus didn’t have a mega church, but he had 12 disciples” explained McClendon. “Some people would refer to that as entourage, but these were men who were trained to assist Jesus in his ministry assignment. So the people that I have travel with me have a function in my ministry assignment.”

Added McClendon, “The thing that I cleared up and wanted cleared up  was that the people I travel with, my ministry pays for those people, they are covered by Clarence McClendon Ministries.”

If you’re wondering, McClendon did not arrive to the HipHollywood offices with a 12 man entourage. He showed up a lot more low key than portrayed on the show, but told us he understands that sometime producers embellish things for ratings.

But, one person who will not be tuning in to see the new Oxygen series is Bishop TD Jakes, who slammed the show and called it “junk.” McClendon said he believes Jakes is entitled to his opinion.

“I have a great deal of respect for Bishop Jakes…he is entitled to his opinion, but but at the end of the day, it’s just that, one man’s opinion.”

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