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Exclusive: Stars Reflect On The Death Of 2 Pac



17 years ago today, rap icon and legend, 2 Pac, passed away. While 2 Pac’s legacy will live on forever, fans, including celebrities, will always remember the final week that led up to Pac’s death.

During Diddy’s Boardwalk Empire screening and party, HipHollywood talked with Matt Barnes, Omari Hardwick, and Pooch Hall, who all took a moment to reflect on the life and death of 2 Pac.

“I was in High School,” Clippers player Matt Barnes remembers about where he was when the “All Eyez On Me” rapper died. “I have 2 Pac tattooed on me, I’m a huge 2 Pac fan … It’s just sad. I think that the whole music landscape would be a lot different if he and Biggie were still around, but R.I.P, and hopefully one day they’ll find the killer,” Barnes shared.

Poet and actor, Omari Hardwick, reflected by sharing an impromptu poem.

“Athens G.A, 1996, caught in the juggle trying to figure out how to get a fix. Not that of drugs, but trying to figure out how to eliminate and eradicate thugs. 2 Pac wallows in despair, life seems unfair. 2 Pac 96′, I’m working out for the league, he’s trying to make sure that the emotions remain on his sleeves. I sat on the sidewalk, I tried to figure out where we go from here. It’s 2013, and I still shed the same tear. R.I.P 2 Pac,” Hardwick shared.

And Ray Donovan star, Pooch Hall, explained that although he grew up on the East Coast, he still felt the pain of Pac’s death.

“I was in college, and it was crazy. When you see a star like that go down, like 2 Pac … it’s surreal … I was just like hurt,” he explained.I was a fan of his music, but I was an East Coast kid. At the time there was an East Coast, West Coast Beef … I was just saddened for his family and his mom,” Hall shared.

2 Pac died seven days after being shot in Las Vegas.

R.I.P Pac.

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