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G-Dep Talks Murder, Prison Life In Revealing Interview



Former Bad Boy artist G-Dep shocked the music world back in 2010 when he turned himself into authorities for the 1993 murder of New York resident, John Henkel.

Dep, who is currently behind bars serving a 15-year prison sentence for killing Henkel during a botched robbery, talks openly about the crime in an intimate and revealing interview with ABC’s Nightline.

“He was standing under the scaffolding on Park Avenue and 114th street,” Dep recounts of the night he took the stranger’s life. “I was riding my bike and I said, ‘Give me the money, man.’ The guy, he grabbed the gun and pulled the gun back and that’s when I fired … three times,” the rapper reveals.

The rapper never told anyone what happened that night, and tossed the weapon into the Hudson River days later. It was a secret that he lived with for over a decade until finally the guilt became too much for him to bare. “That was the only way I could have been absolved: personal sacrifice,” Dep says of his decision to turn himself into authorities.

Dep, age 18 when he murdered Henkel, claims that he tried to turn himself into authorities over the years, but they didn’t initially believe him.

The rapper also says his guilt led to years of drug abuse, an addiction that caused Diddy to drop him from his Bad Boy label. “I was knee deep in trying to medicate myself,” he tells the news program from behind bars.

Check out the full story below.

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