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Exclusive: Ron Howard Opens Up About Directing Jay Z’s ‘Made In America’



Ron Howard has never directed a documentary before. But, that didn’t stop him from saying yes when an opportunity came his way to direct Jay Z’s music festival “Made in America.”

HipHollywood sat down with the Oscar winning director about his latest film Rush, and also got the scoop on how he came to direct Hip Hop mogul Jay Z.

“They needed somebody to direct some behind the scenes footage”, explained Howard who initially heard about the opportunity from his producing partner Brian Grazer. “I went in and I met with Jay Z and I said I don’t that much about music and and I’ve never made a documentary, and he said ‘that’s exactly it, that’s why we want you.”

The film chronicles the inaugural “Made in America” festival, which took place last year in Philadelphia over Labor Day weekend. Howard, who immersed himself in Formula One racecar driving for Rush, found himself similarly thrust into a new world of music, capturing performances by Pearl Jam, Skrillex, and Run-DMC (in the rap group’s first live performance since the death of Jam Master Jay in 2002).

“The spirit of the whole thing is this sort of genre blend,” said Howard. “There were a lot of artisit that I didn’t know anything at all about who are now on my iPod.”

Made in America debuts October 11th on Showtime. Check out the trailer below.

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