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Exclusive: Chanel West Coast’s Journey To Fame, What You Don’t Know About The Rapper



Chanel West Coast is quickly making a name for herself in the hip hop world. From signing with Lil Wayne’s label, YMCMB, to working with some of raps biggest names, Chanel is a gal to look out for.

HipHollywood recently caught up with the rapper/singer to talk about her journey to fame, including when she realized she had a passion for music.

“I wrote poetry since I was a little girl, and it kind of hit me around when Eminem was poppin, and I was like ‘yo, maybe I could do this too,'” West Coast shared. “2 Pac started off from poetry, and that’s how he got into rapping. So I thought I write poems, I do music, maybe I should try rapping,” she explained.

The 25-year-old recently released an 18-track mixtape, which features big names including Snoop, Honey Cocaine, Robin Thicke, and French Monatna.

“(The mixtape) All original, produced tracks … I’m not just rapping, but also singing. There are some dope features,” West Coast said.

Chanel has worked with some of raps biggest names, but the artist reveals that working with Snoop tops them all.

“Working with Snoop was pretty much the highlight of my life. I’m a West Coast artist, so I grew up listening to a lot of Snoop. My dog I used to have was even called Snoop … Working with him, I’m like ‘da*mn, I’m working with a legend.’ So that was a pretty surreal feeling,” she said.

Chanel’s mixtape Now You Know is available now.

Check out what else the star had to say below:

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