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Djimon Hounsou on Marriage: “It Can Ruin The Union”



Djimon Hounsou has never been married, but during the press day for his new film Baggage Claim he voiced a pretty strong opinion about it.

“The idea of marrying somebody can actually ruin the union”, Djimon told HipHollywood.

Could this statement give us a little insight on what happened between Djimon and Kimora Lee Simmons?

Hounsou began dating the Life In The Fab Lane star in 2007. Just a year later the two participated in a traditional commitment ceremony in Djimon’s native country Benin. And while Kimora called Djimon her husband, the pair, who were never legally married in the U.S., separated in 2012.

“Some people are happily together for decades and they get this fantasy idea to go and get married when it’s just about papers basically…eventually it just goes sour”, Hounson continued to explain.

Do you think Djimon was speaking about himself…or someone else?

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