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Oprah Opens Up About Life In Candid Interview With David Letterman



Oprah Winfrey joined David Letterman on the Late Show Thursday night to promote her latest film Lee Daniels’ The Butler.  During the 26-minute interview, Letterman also talked with the cultural icon about meditating.

While talking about the film, Oprah shared “I see it as a drama. I see it as also history. It’s a lesson without the spinnage, and I also see it as a love story about this family,” Winfrey shared. “The Butler to me represents the generation that my father is. That generation that didn’t want to rock the boat, and their children came along and said we aren’t going to take this anymore,” she added.

Oprah and David then talked about the art of mediation. “I brought mediation to my whole company just before I ended in 2010 because it makes for a better environment when everybody is focused and of one mined and doing well,” Oprah explained.

“For me it gives me a greater sense of focus and clarity,” Oprah dished. “Everybody needs to find something. It doesn’t matter what you call it. If it’s just sitting and being still. If it’s reflecting. If it’s hugging your children hugging your dogs, giving some time to that, it’s all good,” she shared.

Lee Daniels’ The Butler hits theaters August 16.

Check out the interview below:

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