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Exclusive: Why Jason Derülo And Jordin Sparks Butt Heads In The Studio



Jordin Sparks and Jason Derülo have quickly become one of Hollywood’s cutest couples, but when it comes to working with each other in the studio, the two lovebirds admit to butting heads.

“It’s definitely one of those things where it’s not because we hate each other, clearly we love each other, it’s we have two different styles,” Jordin exclusively told HipHollywood during Friday’s Warner Brothers Summer Session that featured Derülo.

“When you’re working with somebody that you get so close to, I pretty much say whatever’s on my mind,” Jordin explained.

“It took us a couple of tries to finally find the right sound for both of our records. I have one as well with me and him, and he has the one with me on it on his record, so we needed to find the perfect balance to be able to represent both of us for our unique sounds,” the Sparkle star shared.

“We have some really good times, and there are times where it’s really frustrating, but that’s just how it goes,” Jordin added.

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