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Exclusive: Terrence Howard Calls Oprah His “Future Lover”



Terrence Howard may currently be dealing with some serious legal issues with his ex – wife, but he’s already talking about who his next woman will be … Oprah Winfrey!

After working with Lady O for Lee Daniels’ The Butler, Howard told us during the film’s junket, that he’s convinced he and Oprah have a love connection and will be lovers in a future life.

“You can project what you want,” explained Howard about his love scene with Oprah. “But it can only be reflected and received if it’s of a similar nature. And, I’m convinced we were lovers in past lives and we will be lovers in future lives.”

The love scene Howard mentions has now been deleted, but will be featured on the DVD.

In the meantime, Howard will have his hands full dealing with allegations that he physically abused his ex-wife, Michelle Ghent, while the two were on vacation last month.


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