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Exclusive: Does Alan Thicke Approve Of His Son’s “Blurred Lines” Video?



Robin Thicke’s controversial “Blurred Lines” video may have some lost the singer some fans thanks to the naked women dancing around in it, but there’s one man who still has Robin’s back: his father, Alan.

HipHollywood recently caught up with the man responsible for bringing the singer into the world, and he shared he was a huge fan of the visual work of art. “There were some good looking girls in that video,” Alan joked, adding, “But I didn’t do any of the casting.”

The actor says he stands by his son despite the backlash Robin’s video has received from critics who say it objectifies women. “I’m incredibly proud of Robin and he’s worked hard for this, he deserves it. I’m so happy to see him so happy.”

Thicke’s latest album, also titled Blurred Lines, was released earlier this month and his dad helped contribute to one of the songs. To find out which track, watch the video below.

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