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Beyonce Lives It Up At Coney Island



Beyonce knows how to live on the wild side.

The singer was spotted at Brooklyn’s Coney Island on Thursday riding the famous Cyclone roller coaster, and having a dance off with some excited fans.

Coney Island 3

Coney Island 2

But while we’d like to think Beyonce was spending time at the amusement park because she is deserving of some good ol’ fashioned fun, the singer was actually there to film a music video.

Beyonce hops on Coney Island's Wonder Wheel for a night music video shoot in New York

Coney Island 1

The 31-year-old sported a white tank, a Notorious BIG hat, and jeans while she rode the iconic roller coaster alongside her hair stylist, Ty Hunter.

An eye witness told E! News that when Bey eventually left the amusement park, she looked at her fans standing nearby, smiled and waved.

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