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Metta World Peace on Amanda Bynes: “It’s Normal To Be Bi-Polar”



NBA star Metta World Peace says he believes that if troubled star Amanda Bynes does in fact have a mental health disorder, it’s completely normal.

“I think it’s normal to be bi-polar,” Metta told HipHollywood at his recent book signing. “I think it’s normal to be schizophrenic. Those things happen. She’s not the first person with those issues, and she won’t be the last.

And Metta would know. The former L.A. Laker has been very honest and open about his own mental health issues, and even works with children suffering from similar issues through his non-profit organization Xcel University.

“Just because you are bi-polar it makes no difference,” added Metta.  “It’s just something you have and you just deal with it and you still feel comfortable with yourself, still feel happy with yourself.”

Currently Bynes is in the hospital on a 5150 psychiatric hold . The 26 year old actress was taken to the facility  on Monday evening after being arrested for setting a driveway on fire in Thousand Oaks, CA.

Bynes has been engaging in erratic and strange behavior for over a year now, making many  question if she has been under the influence of more than drugs and alcohol. Sources close to Bynes say her family is now stepping in and considering taking conservatorship  over her.



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