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Idris Elba Leaving Acting For A New Gig?



Well, sort of.  The star of this year’s summer action flick, Pacific Rim, is going to spend his summer in Ibiza, as DJ Driis.

This is the actor’s first real residency as a DJ, and he’ll be spinning in the House Music capital of the world. It’s the same place that world famous DJ, David Guetta, will be, and has housed residence for Tiesto, Audiojack, Avicii, and now DJ Driis.

“This is my first official residency in that world,” said Elba. “I play house music, so it’s going to be great, Ibiza Rocks!”

The English heart throb told us about his new gig while doing press for his summer blockbuster, Pacific Rim. He plays Stacker Pentecost, a marshal that leads an army of  machines to victory over some unearthly creatures. Guillermo Del Toro not only directed the film, but he co wrote the screen play as well. One major concept of the movie is mind sharing, or drifting, and Idris let us know whose mind he would want to share. Check it out!

Pacific Rim is in theaters July 12th.

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