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Exclusive: Michelle Williams: “I Finally Like Who I See In The Mirror”



Former Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams has been on cloud nine and finally, the singer is sharing what’s changed in her life.

While on the red carpet for the ASCAP Rhythm and Soul Awards, Williams dished on becoming a better person. “When you get rid of, and get out of toxic situations, or remove toxic people out your life, you gotta move forward, and you can’t have dead weight,” Williams shared.

“I love you but I gotta go. Sometimes you feel like this process is lonely. This world is lonely as far as trying to be an artist, but sometimes you got to be alone for a season,” Michelle explained.

During a recent interview with VH1, friend and former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland shared that Michelle as of late has had a beautiful glow to her. So when asked where the glow comes from, Michelle told us it’s about getting yourself healthy and with healthy people.

“I’m happy. When I tell you I actually like who I see in the mirror, because for a long time it wasn’t like that,” Williams dished.

Check out what the singer had to say below:

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