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Exclusive: Ashanti On Same-Sex Marriage: “I Think It’s Wonderful”



The fight to legalize same-sex marriage has been on an ongoing debate for decades. Gay rights advocates have stepped out to fight and take a stance on marriage equality, and finally, after years of protesting, same-sex marriage is legal in California.

With the news surfacing late last week, Ashanti, who recently featured an interracial same-sex couple in her latest music video “Never Should Have,” is happy about the Supreme Court’s decision.

During the red carpet for Debra Lee’s PRE BET Awards dinner, Ashanti shared with HipHollywood her thoughts. “I think it’s wonderful. I think you should be able to marry whoever you love, regardless.”

The Army Wives star also dished on the inspiration behind featuring the interracial same-sex couple in her video . “I think it was very organic. I wanted to show something really different in the video; showing different walks of life, and showing that everyone goes through problems,” the singer said.

Check out what else the singer said below:

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