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Behind The Scenes: Shaq & Tyga Shoot “Shaqnosis”



If you haven’t already heard, former NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal has just re-released his infamous Shaqnosis sneaker.

The Reebok shoe was originally released in 1995 while O’Neal played for the Orlando Magic, and now he and Reebok are bringing the sneaker back exclusively at Footlocker.

HipHollywood caught up with O’Neal, now retired, on set for a special commercial for the Shaqnosis sneaker, where he also enlisted the help of rap star and fellow Reebok spokesman Tyga.

“When I released the shoe in 95/96 I was really out there”, said Shaq, now 40.  “I’m just glad the sneaker heads respect that, they like the way it looks, they way it feels and they’re bringing it back.”

In the new commercial, Shaq and Tyga are both enjoying themselves at a posh Hollywood party, when Tyga notices Shaq in his Shaqnosis sneakers and has to be lifted up to ask the giant where he can find them.

“I love his music and he did me a solid for one of my son’s birthdays”, revealed Shaq on why he wanted to work with Tyga. “So when Reebok asked me to do a commercial with Tyga I was like sure. He’s a friend of mine, he’s smart, and the young kids are also wearing his stuff at Reebok also.”

The Shaqnosis is available now in Footlocker stores and on Can you dig it?

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