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Soulja Boy’s Surprising Collab With “Bachelorette” Miss Desiree



Soulja Boy has a new collabo partner, and it’s none other than … the Bachelorette?

The rapper appeared on ABC’s hit show last night to shoot a music video for a song titled, “For the Right Reasons”, with none other than the leading lady herself, Miss Desiree.

The brunette beauty raps on most of the track while showing off her hip-hop moves in a tight magenta dress. Soulja Boy joins her on the chorus and helps the contestants, who also make an appearance, add some swag to their own verses. Just after the show aired, Solja took to Twitter to give a shout-out…

“@SouljaBoy “The Bachelorette was fun lol turn up #souljaboytweet”

We don’t know if we’re more shocked about the “entertaining” video, or the fact that Soulja Boy did this in the first place. We know one thing for sure though: the single probably won’t be making the top of Billboard’s charts anytime soon.

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