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Why Alicia Keys Is Being Urged To Cancel A Concert



Alicia Keys is currently traveling the world on her “Set The World On Fire Tour”, but that may soon come to a halt.

A group of Palestinian women have come together to create a video asking the singer to cancel her upcoming show in Israel. The powerful three-minute visuals shows saddening images and clips of burning cities and Palestinian women protesting against Israel. Key’s hit song “Girl on Fire” plays somberly in the background.

On July 4th, Keys is expected to perform in Tel Aviv, one of the most heavily populated cities in the Middle-Eastern country. However, human rights activists think she should cancel the show due to the country’s alleged abuse of the Palestinian community. The women hope the video will call attention to their situation and persuade the singer to change her mind.

The video comes as a response to a letter written by American author Alice Walker which warns Keys of the danger she’s putting herself in by performing in Israel. In the letter Walker writes, “We changed our country fundamentally, and the various boycotts of Israeli institutions and products will do the same there. It is our only nonviolent option and, as we learned from our own struggle in America, nonviolence is the only path to a peaceful future.

The songstress, who is known for writing inspirational songs for women, has yet to make a statement regarding the video. Do you think she should cancel the show? Watch below and let us know your thoughts.

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