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Let Me Explain: Black Hollywood Slams Paula Deen



A who’s who of Black Hollywood came out to support Kevin Hart Thursday night for the premiere of his new film Let Me Explain. But one person everyone was not feeling was … Paula Deen.

HipHollywood was on the red carpet and got some hilarious and candid reactions to Deen’s use of the N-word, and the backlash since it was revealed.

“I  would be okay with Paula Deen had she not got on the today show and said she only said the N-word one time”, said Omarosa. “Keep it real with us, we’ll keep it real with you.”

Hart was however sympathetic to Deen’s plight telling us, “I definitely think there should be consequences for her actions, but I think the consequences that were given to her were very severe. I think it’s too much.”

But Hart is on top of the world these days. Let Me Explain is his fourth and most successful stand-up tour to date, and he doesn’t take that and the support of his fans lightly.

Let Me Explain is in theaters July 3rd.

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