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Exclusive: The-Dream’s NSFW “Pvssy” Video On Par With Miley Cyrus Twerk Vid?



It only took a few hours for YouTube to catch a glimpse of The Dream’s new NSFW music video “Pvssy” before pulling it from their website. The video is now being compared to “soft-core porn”, but the director tells HipHollywood exclusively he thinks YouTube should really be watching out for … Miley Cyrus?

LatinLegend admits posting the video was a bit of a risk, but hoped it would slip through the cracks. “It’s a little whack that YouTube pulled the video as it’s used as a resource for so many websites to link to the content, especially since there’s tons of amateur twerk videos / inappropriate content on there like Miley Cyrus busting it wide open.”

LatinLegend says he pitched the idea for the NSFW video more than a year ago and believes it’s a great marketing tool to promote The Dream’s new album, IV Play, which struggled with sales in its first week.

“Most urban music is broke in strip clubs these days not the radio, so by giving a virtual strip club experience to the viewer who is your casual fan, dj, and artist you are programming them to like this music in that environment which you hope will give the record an extra push.”

What did you think of the visuals for “Pvssy.”

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