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Exclusive: How Waka Flocka Flame Changed This Woman’s Life



Waka Flocka is one hell of a guy … after tweeting his support for Amanda Bynes just last week, it seems he’s also managed to make another lady smile via Twitter.

A few days ago, a social media communications advisor from South Florida posted an article about how the rapper changed her life. Long story short, the 52 year-old began following the rapper on Twitter and quickly discovered an affinity for his music. When Waka came into town for a show, she told her then husband that she was going no matter what … which led to the end of her marriage and the reinvention of herself.

HipHollywood spoke exclusively to Diane D, author of the blog Deep Commotion, about the crazy story. The now happily divorced rap enthusiast told us that Waka’s show was “very high intensity” and she was surprised by the diversity of the crowd. “He appeals to so many people, the crowd was full of 40-60 year olds. I even saw a preppy, yuppie couple in their 30’s dressed up in button downs. I fit right in and was right there rappin’ along, I didn’t know every word, but I knew enough.”

Diane paid an extra $30 for a special backstage meet and greet after the show. When it was her turn to meet Waka her life was changed forever. “ I told him how I messaged him on Twitter. He looked at me and said, Yeah, I know you, you said you was comin. I have to admit, to have him remember me, a 52 year-old white woman out of all his Twitter followers, that was pretty awesome.”

While snapping two quick pictures with the rapper, which we have exclusively, she gave Waka some advice… “I told him to go get some hot tea for his throat and we both laughed. He’s a real screamer when he raps. He needs to take care of himself!”

Waka 1
Waka 2

The blogger says the best thing about all of this was not only her divorce, but also the fact that it’s given her real creditability. “It opened up a whole new world for me. Now I have young rap talent sending me their music and have come into contact with so many others. Even Sean Paul follows me, it’s great.”

Diane had another special message for Waka regarding the announcement of his recent engagement. “I would tell him that he’s one of the smartest business men I know, and one of the most talented rap artists. I’m sure he made a great a choice for his fiancée.”

How sweet!

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