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Exclusive: Ethan Hawke Reveals How He Would Purge!



Ethan Hawke isn’t a fan of murder or having a designated day to get away with it, but the veteran actor did reveal to HipHollywood what he would do if crime was legal for a day.

“Why not blow up Exxon,” revealed Hawke. ” For all you people working at Exxon forgive me, but the oil companies or the companies making a mint off the suffering of others, blow up Big Tobacco, that’s what I would do.”

In the new thriller The Purge, Hawke plays a father trying to protect his family after an act of kindness makes them the target of a home invasion on the night of the annual Purge.

“In a lot of ways this film is just a fun popcorn night at the movies,” Hawke explained.  “But in a lot of other ways its better than that because it kinda has something to say about the sociopolitical climate right now.”

Check out what else Ethan had to say about the film, and starring in his first scary movie. The Purge is in theaters June 7th.

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