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Exclusive: Cookie Johnson Speaks Out About Her Son Being Gay



Just months after E.J. Johnson, the son of NBA legend Magic Johnson, publicly came out about his sexual orientation, his mother Cookie Johnson finally speaks out.

Wile on the red carpet for The Ladylike Foundation’s “Women of Excellence Awards,” Cookie shared with HipHollywood her response to E.J. coming out of the closet. “He’s my son, and I’m going to love him no matter what. God’s greatest gift to all of us was love, and to me there’s no way God would want me to turn away from my child,” Cookie explained.

“I’m going to love my child no matter what. I don’t care what nobody says or thinks of him. I think he’s an amazing kid, and he’s going to do some amazing things. We support him 100 percent,” the devoted philanthropist added.

E.J. revealed to his family years ago about being gay, but back in April, the former NBA star’s son was spotted hand in hand with his boyfriend in New York, making his relationship public.

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