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Exclusive: Amanda Bynes Accused Of Blowing Off Wyclef Jean



Music may still be a priority for Amanda Bynes, but she’s going to have to look for a new label to sign her.

The 27-year-old was in the process of finalizing a recording contract with Chinga Chang Records, a small East-Coast label, but CEO of Dan Herman tells Hip Hollywood exclusively that the company has decided to pull the plug on the deal.

The label initially offered Bynes a deal after she began tweeting about wanting to put out a rap album. Herman confirms that Bynes approved his proposal, so he began recruiting big time producers such as DJ Premier and Wyclef Jean to work on the album. Herman tells HH the reason he called it quits with the retired actress is because Bynes stood Wyclef up, not once, but two separate times.

“She stood him up at the first meeting I arranged on Monday at Daddys House, Sean Combs recording studio in the city. I smoothed things over with Wyclef, and had him still on board to possibly work with her, but only under the conditions that she showed respect to him. She said she would and would fix the situation, but then she ignored him again.”

Herman says after Bynes flaked a second time, he contacted his lawyers and had them pull the deal. Shortly after Amanda took to Twitter to deny any claims the deal had ever even existed.

“@AmandaBynes I never spoke to anyone at Chinga Chang Records. I got an offer for a bigger record deal that I’m taking as soon as I get my surgeries!”

Herman says Bynes, who is currently undergoing surgies to remove a “webbing” between her eyes, “is definitely schizophrenic or bi-polar.”

A rep for Bynes refused to comment, saying “Amanda is not doing interviews right now.”

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