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Did Neil Patrick Harris Use The N-Word During Tony Awards?



Did Neil Patrick Harris drop an N-bomb during Sunday night’s Tony Awards? The comedian is being accused of doing just that during an eight-minute opening skit featuring Mike Tyson. That skit, according to the Daily Mail, included these lyrics:

‘In tandem like we planned ’em, forgive me if it’s random but Mike Tyson had a one man show let’s give the man a hand.
‘And make things bigger, like bigger
‘I’m here with Iron Mike Tyson he’s a heavyweight yo
‘We’re going bigger is ‘Is I his n*gga’.

We’ve watched the clip a dozen times and can’t seem to decide one way or the other if “n*gga” is the word used or not. NPH certainly is denying the allegation, taking to Twitter moments ago to refute the claim:

“Really, Daily Mail?!? The N-word? That’s your story?!? I would NEVER be so disrespectful and frankly, neither should you.”

Check it out video of the star’s performance below and let us know your thoughts.

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