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Exclusive: Why Chris Brown’s Home Is Now A “Tourist Attraction”



Chris Brown is firing back after being ordered to take down the monster paintings on the side of his Hollywood Hills home.

Just over a month ago, neighbors were furious with Brown after he painted goblin art on the side of his home. After multiple complaints that the art was “frightening”, the “Fine China” singer was ordered to take down the graffiti within 30 days, but Brown isn’t backing down.

The singer has filed an appeal with the city claiming that his artwork is protected by the first amendment. “”The murals are a reflection of [my] aesthetic taste and a reflection of free speech and expression protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution,” Brown claims in the appeal.

graffitti grafitti

HipHollywood spoke with Patti Negri, president of the Hollywood Dell Civic Association, who told us that neighbors aren’t happy. “Since all the media attention surrounding Brown’s graffiti artwork, the neighborhood has become a tourist attraction,” Negri shared. “But at this point, we are just going to lay low and let the officials handle it,” she added.

The Department of Building and Safety’s board of appeal is currently handling Brown’s case.


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