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Benzino Threatens To Quit “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” Over Stevie J Feud



Love & Hip-Hop‘s Benzino is threatening to leave the VH1 show after getting into a feud on Twitter with his friend, Stevie J. The war of words started after Benzino released a music video for “Smash the Homie”, featuring a Joseline Hernandez look-a-like.

Stevie and Joseline are booed up, and the record producer took exception to his buddy making a video suggesting that he hooked up with her.

After being blasted by Stevie J on Twitter Wednesday, Benzino tweeted that he was leaving the popular reality show:

“I’m done with this Love & Hip-Hop. I can’t do this no more. My character and friendships are way more important. This is horrible,” the rapper tweeted.

“I know this looks bad and it sucks but it is what it is. That n*gga was my brother and [I] proved time after time. I don’t know what he’s going through but I’ve only been there for him. She’s the one who pubicly disses him, put her finger on his face, says the worst sh*t about him and acts crazy around anybody near him.”

Benzino then went on to claim that Joseline was cheating on Stevie behind his back, writing:

“Josilin gave me her number at the radio station and said f*ck Stevie, I’m f*cking my trainer.”


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