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Exclusive: Is Amanda Bynes The New Face of Hip-Hop?



Troubled actress Amanda Bynes has made it clear that she wants to put out a rap album, and now her dream just may come true.

HipHollywood spoke with Dan Herman, the CEO of Chinga Chang Records, a small East-Coast hip-hop label, who confirmed a record deal with Amanda is under negotiations.

“I distribute through Sony Entertainment and asked them if it’s OK if I reach out to her and see what she says. They said go for it, so I did. Our generation doesn’t seem to have respect for the talent Amanda has, but I think she’s the perfect candidate. She can sing, dance, tour, looks good. She has it all.“

Herman got in touch with Amanda’s camp and said they are talking numbers right now, telling HH that he is expecting to get something in writing by the end of the day or early tomorrow. “My lawyers are negotiating with hers, so they can go back and fourth and settle the deal soon. This is a legit record label aiming to put out real hip-hop music. It’s going to happen.”

The 28-year old CEO says he’s gotten some positive feedback about the suggested deal claiming celebrities, including Charlie Sheen and DJ Premiere, have reached out sending good vibes. Not everyone has approved though.

“Everyone thinks I’m crazy. Drake apparently wants to fight me now. I’ve gotten calls from random numbers claiming they’re with Drake saying they’re gonna find out how gangsta I am. Who knows, I just laugh. I don’t get it. Growing up I didn’t understand why everyone in hip-hop had to be Black. Legit hip-hop can do something to shock the culture; it’s the art itself, not the color of the person behind it. With Amanda that’s what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna shock the culture. We’ll find a common ground and we’ll put out a hit record.”

If Amanda does sign the deal, we’ll make sure to let you know. Who knows? Maybe she can settle her beef with Drake and put him on a song. Or … maybe not.

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