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Exclusive: Amanda Bynes Set To Record First Rap Record This Week



It’s official! Amanda Bynes is entering the rap game.

Dan Herman, CEO of Chinga Chang Records confirms exclusively to HipHollywood that Amanda has not only accepted the offer of a record deal, but will be laying down a track this week.

The record label has booked time in a New York recording studio for this coming Friday afternoon, and plans to review some possible beats for Amanda over the next few days to jump on. The CEO says he’s reaching out to some Atlanta producers, one who recently produced a track for Trinidad James, to help collaborate on the project.

“We really want to get a feel for what production style and sound we want to aim for. Amanda likes the thought of an Atlanta producer.”

The real question is when the album does come together, who might appear on it? Amanda’s gotten support from some rappers including Waka Flocka Flame. Just a few weeks ago he tweeted:

“@AmandaBynes when people hate and the media lies… that means you popping #FlockaFacts.”

And don’t forget, she did also date Kid Cudi who does pretty well for himself when it comes to music. Maybe Amanda really does know what she’s doing. We’ll have to wait and see.

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1 Comment

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