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The Real Story Behind 2 Chainz Being Robbed



There seems to be a lot of erroneous information floating around about 2 Chainz being robbed on Sunday while in San Francisco. There were reports that rapper signature chains were stolen, as well as his wallet. There was even talk that the artist had been shot, and his entire entourage robbed as well.

To set the record straight, HipHollywood went directly to the the San Francisco Police Department to find out what really took place.

According to Sgt. Tommer, three males approached the rapper and his entourage, and someone opened fire. In the midst of the chaos, 2 Chainz’ wallet and cell phone were taken. We were also told that 2 Chainz was the only person to be robbed during the crime, and that his wallet had his credit cards and cash inside of it.

On Monday afternoon, 2 Chainz made light of the situation, tweeting:

  • “Rule #1 if a rapper gets robbed people usually post items that has been taken. Rings, chains, watch , money etc. 2 answer that question,” Tity Boi tweeted.
  • “Rule #2 if a rapper gets shot he usually go to hospital or dies,” the rapper added.
  • “Rule #3 we definitely got geeked up in San Fran, best smoke in the world. 2 blessed 2 stress,” 2 Chainz’s last tweet read.

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