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WTH? LL Cool J And Brad Paisley Drop ANOTHER Song



On the heels of their backlash inducing hit miss, “Accidental Racist”, Brad Paisley and LL Cool J have teamed up again. This time, the odd couple tackle the topic of love in their song, “Live For You”.

Luckily, “Live For You” is pretty light-hearted and shouldn’t cause any controversy, but the bigger question remains — why do these two people keep making music together?

Paisley answered that question when he spoke to Guitar World, saying, “LL Cool J is so smart, and he approached it from a great perspective. We both believe in what we said, and getting to do that together was fun. It was a collaborative event between LL and me. … I played him what I was working on and asked if he wanted to be part of it, and he said that he did.”

You can listen to “Accidental Racist” on Brad’s album, Wheelhouse, which is in stores now. “Live For You” will be on LL’s album, Authentic, which is set to drop on April 30th, but in the meantime take a listen to the song below.

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