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Will.I.Am Admits Stealing Beat From Arty And Zo’s “Rebound”



Black Eyed Peas singer is admitting to stealing a beat for his new record with Chris Brown, “Let’s go.”

Arty from Arty and Mat Zo, blasted the super-producer on Twitter earlier this month, calling him a thief for sampling their tune, “Rebound”. Will had remained quiet about the allegations, but finally did a little bit of damage control by explaining his side of things during an interview with KISS FM.

“So this song by Chris Brown, ‘Let’s Go’ … Arty is a dope producer so I wrote this song to ‘Rebound’ this last year,” will divulged. “I got in touch with Arty and showed it to him, did a different version to it ’cause I asked him [to] make it newer ’cause I don’t just wanna take your song and rap over it. But we did that, we collaborated.”

“But in a year’s time, time’s gone by [and] we preferred writing over and using the [original] ‘Rebound’. Something happened and the clearance … hopefully we resolved the issue,” will continued.

“I’m a fan of Arty; I think he’s great and the world needs to know about how talented those guys are. It’s sad that it’s turned into a fiasco but hopefully it’s resolved because I’m a fan of those guys to the point where I wrote to their instrumental.”

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 10.18.22 AM

Arty claims that no one from will’s label ever contacted Anjunabeats, which reps the producer.

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