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Why Azealia Banks Is Furious With A$AP Rocky



A$AP Rocky’s comments about dark skinned women steering clear of red lipstick has caused a bit of backlash for the rapper. One person who took exception to the remark is artist Azealia Banks who blasted A$AP on Twitter, suggesting he’s a down low brother.

“Lol @ A$AP Rocky’s lipstick advice,” she wrote, adding, “Some people should just come out of the closet.”

During a recent interview with The Coveteur, A$AP was asked about women wearing makeup and offered these two cents: “For me, I feel like with the red lipstick thing it all depends on the pair of complexion. I’m just being for real. You have to be fair skinned to get away with that.”

Those are the comments Azealia took exception with as she continued her rant against the rapper, writing:

“That comment was so hurtful. Like hurtful beyond measure. Coming from his especially. It made me cry. It did … I remember when these dudes didn’t have haircuts and cab fare.”

A$AP isn’t the only rapper dealing with backlash over the comments he made about women. Rapper Waka Flocka Flame was also slammed in the press after claiming white women are the most fashionable women to date at the moment.

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