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Why Amber Rose Is Telling Haters To Pipe Down



Note to some of you out there with opinions on parenting: Amber Rose does not want your advice. The model took to Twitter to fire back at haters who have been giving her a hard time over a photograph she recently posted on Instagram.

That images features her newborn son Sebastian rocking a pair of booties with marijuana leaves on them. The image didn’t sit well with a lot of folks who accused Amber of being a bad parent, prompting this response from Mother Rosebud:

“It’s funny how everyone turns into a doctor when it comes to someone else’s baby. Relax, sit back and take a shot of shut the f*ck up. Thanks,” Rose tweeted.

Sebastian’s father, rapper Wiz Khalifa, has made a living off his love for riding Puff the Magic Dragon, so is it really that surprising his kid is sporting the socks? It shouldn’t be. Still, as long as the two aren’t sticking joints in little Sebastian’s mouth, it’s really no one’s business what kind of socks their kid wears.


HipHollywood recently caught up with Wiz on the set of his music video for “Bout Me”. That’s where he opened up to HH exclusively about what it’s like to be a father. “It’s been cool, man. It’s been good nestling and getting into that daddy zone, and he looked at me with this little look in his eyes that was like, ‘Dad, you need to get back to work.’ So that’s why I’m out shooting these videos and making the money now.”

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