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Was Marijuana Found On Justin Bieber’s Tour Bus?



On Wednesday night, Swedish police raided Justin Bieber’s tour bus only to find a small amount of what appeared to be marijuana and of all things, a taser.

According to reports, while monitoring the front of Bieber’s Stockholm hotel, police caught a whiff of something that smelled like weed coming from JB’s tour bus. Officers then decided to search the Canadian pop star’s bus only to find a small amount of the substance.

Law enforcement was unable to identify who the substance belonged to, so nobody was charged. And while police did not confirm what the substance was, there are reports that it was marijuana.

To top it all off, officials found a stun gun on board the bus, which is an illegal weapon in Sweden unless you have a permit.

“Some of the rumors about me….where do people even get this stuff. whatever…back to the music,” Bieber tweeted early Thursday morning, following the nights alleged festivities.

Earlier this year, Bieber was photographed smoking what appeared to be weed, and apologized for it when he made an appearance on Saturday Night Live.




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