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Steve Harvey Sends Message To Justin Bieber



It’s no secret that Justin Bieber battled a barrage of negative press in recent months, but maybe Steve Harvey is just the one to help the singer improve his tarnished image. The daytime talk show host tweeted the following message to the 19 year old “Baby” singer:

“Hey @justinbieber, keep loving the ones that love you. Cause they help make us who we are … the rest can’t break what they didn’t build.”

The star’s PR troubles began in July 2012 when he was pulled over for driving over 100 mph in his fancy Fisker sports car. Fast forward to March 2013, and things took a turn for the worse when Justin was caught on video cursing out a photog in London. Then he ticked off his fans by showing up two hours late for a show, before passing out on stage at the O2 arena after having trouble breathing. There’s also the random angry tweets and Instagram rants … not to mention, the investigation over allegedly spitting on his neighbor.

So, is “loving the ones that love you” a strong enough message to help young Bieber? Especially since many think love is what is causing his problems in the first place … In February, Justin split with his long time love, Selena Gomez, and many speculate that he is having a pretty hard time dealing with it.

Maybe Steve should have both of them on his talk show so they can really get to the root of the issues. What do you think?

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