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Ray J To Kim Kardashian: Let’s Make Another Movie



Ray J’s new single, “I Hit It First”, has leaked online. On Friday, Ray hinted that he would be dropping a song about being the first celebrity to sleep with reality TV star, Kim Kardashian. Ray promised that the song would be released on Tuesday, April 9, but it leaked over the weekend.

On the tune, Ray sings in a Kanye West inspired Auto-tune voice, “I hit it, I hit, I hit it, I hit it first.” He then goes on to talk about “putting her on”, which factually, he kind of did. Kim shot to super stardom after appearing in a sex tape with the R&B singer, eventually making her a household name.

And it appears Ray still has a thing for the Armenian beauty, singing that he wouldn’t mind if he and Kim reconciled. “And if you were to come back to me girl we’ll make another movie”, Ray romantically quips.

No word on what Kim’s boyfriend and soon-to-be baby’s daddy thinks about that tune, but something tells us Kanye will not be letting this slide.

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