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Nicki Minaj: I’ve Never Slept With Lil Wayne



She may get frisky with Lil Wayne in their new video for “High School”, but Nicki Minaj tells MTV News that she’s never hooked up with Weezy off-screen, or any other rapper for that matter.

Since catapulting into superstardom, Minaj has been plagued with online rumors about her “relationship” with Wayne, with some bloggers even claiming that she slept her way to the top. Still, Minaj assures us that it’s all just gossip.

“When I started being around Young Money, Wayne thought I was shy, but it wasn’t that I was shy, I just didn’t want anybody to think I was easy. No matter what my lyrics were saying, when I got around these guys, I was a prude, because I didn’t want anyone in this game to ever be able to say ‘I had s*x with her’ or ‘when she needed a deal, she had to …’ No,” Nicki explained.

“And ‘til this day, not one single man in this industry can say that and I pride myself on that. That’s the only bit of advice I would give the up-and-coming female rappers. You could be as sexy as you want, but just maintain your dignity around these guys.”

You can watch Nicki and Wayne’s video for “High School” below.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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1 Comment

  1. cristal

    June 21, 2013 at 8:18 AM

    Did u sleep with drake

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