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Ledisi Lets Her Hair Down!



It’s no secret that Ledisi is definitely one of a kind! The singer, known for her beautiful voice and signature dreads, is now ready to break out of the “neo-soul” box the industry has put her in and show the world her many different sides.

“I guess I’m just letting my hair down. I don’t have to prove anything anymore and I never did but you kind of think you do because image is very important now-a-days”, the “Pieces Of Me” singer told HipHollywood.

We caught up with Ledisi, who is letting her hair down figuratively AND literally, at the “Women Behind The Music: Playing For Keeps” panel during the ASCAP Expo in Los Angeles. Also, on the panel was Jill Scott who gave her take on the whole “neo-soul” label.

“I don’t believe in boxes or categories…I just don’t see it, there’s no point in it. But, I think that soul music…If I had to call it anything, what I do, I would call it soul music” Jilly from Philly exclaimed.

Take a look at more of our interview and the panel with Ledisi and Jill Scott below.

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