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Kris Hump To Kim K: I’ll Settle Tomorrow, If You Apologize!



Kris Humphries may back down and settle his divorce with Kim K after all. But, there’s one catch: the New Jersey Nets baller says he’ll only do it if Kim apologizes for marrying him just for TV.

The two are slated to appear tomorrow for a settlement conference in Los Angeles and insiders say Humphries is willing to grant Kim a divorce if she mutters two words: I’m sorry. “Put simply, if Kim were to formally apologize to Kris in court tomorrow — and if he felt it were sincere — he would likely agree to end the marriage and avoid the trial,” a source told Radar Online.

But that’s not all! Kris also wants preggers Kim, to release a formal statement to the media, apologizing.

Kim and Kris will finally come face to face tomorrow, after Kris was a no show at the hearing on April 12th.

Kris has said he wants an annulment on grounds of fraud, while Kim, now pregnant with Kanye West’s baby, says she wants a divorce. If both sides are unable to reach an agreement the trial will proceed on May 6th. “The ball is in Kim’s court and that pun is intended!” said the source.

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