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Kim Kardashian Silences Haters With Baby Bump Photo



Kim Kardashian is using Instagram to silence rumors that she’s using a prosthetic belly to fake her pregnancy. The reality TV star shared a picture of her bare baby bump over the weekend to silence critics who claim she’s using a secret surrogate to have her child with rapper, Kanye West.

The rumor is the same one that plagued Beyonce during her pregnancy with Blue Ivy. Despite Kim’s visual evidence, one gossip website claimed on Monday morning that the picture was Photoshopped. We’re not sure what reality they’re living in, but it isn’t one the rest of us are living in … that belly looks 100-percent legit to us.

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 9.55.58 AM

The picture may also help Kim fight back against bloggers who have poked fun at her recent weight gain, calling her fat, among other things. Kardashian tells E! that she actually likes her baby bump, and doesn’t mind the extra pounds. “I think it’s really cute,” she gushed. “Now that my belly has popped a little bit, you can really see it, and it’s really, I think, a sexy thing.”

Kim is six-months pregnant with her first child and is due late spring / early summer.

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