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Kanye West Has A ‘Gold Digger’ Problem



Kanye West is being sued for allegedly using unlicensed samples in his 2005 hit single, “Gold Digger.”

TMZ first reported that the children of deceased musician David Pryor, from the band Thunder And Lighting, filed a lawsuit against the rapper for allegedly sampling a part of the bands 1974 song, “Bumpin Bus Stop.”

Pryor’s two children, Trena Steward and Lorenzo Pryor, claim that 13 seconds into “Gold Digger”, you can hear Pryor singing “Get down” three times, followed by Kanye’s, “Get down, girl. Go head, get down.”

Pryor’s kids are asking a judge for millions of dollars in damages, and to stop sales of the song.

The 70’s hit by Thunder and Lightening might not sound familiar, but many artists have sampled “Bumpin Bus Stop”, including Missy Elliott, Talib Kweli and A Tribe Called Quest.

Check out both songs below, and tell us what you think:

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