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Jamie Foxx’s Travyon Martin T-Shirts Brings Out The Crazy People



Jamie Foxx was honored at this weekend’s MTV Movie Awards, but it’s the t-shirt he wore to the event making headlines days later.

Foxx rocked a black t-shirt featuring the image of slain Florida teen, Travyon Martin. Martin was gunned down last year by neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman, in what the gunman claims was self-defense.

Several celebrities have publicly called on local officials to prosecute Zimmerman, including Foxx. Debate over whether Zimmerman was justified in shooing the teen, or just a racist with a vandetta against Black people, has caused intense debate nationwide. And Foxx caught some of that backlash after wearing the t-shirt remembering the shooting victim.

During the MTV Movie Awards broadcast, the actor was slammed on Twitter by Zimmerman supporters who tweeted things like:

“F*ck Jamie Foxx and his Trayvon Martin shirt. Motherf*cker got what he deserved.”

“F*ck that n*gger with the Trayvon Martin shirt on.”

“Nice shirt, Jamie Foxx. Go f*ck yourself.”

And it goes on, and on and on. This morning, HipHollywood attempted to reach out to some of these Twitter users to discuss their views on Mr. Foxx’s t-shirt, but most had deleted their accounts … and those who didn’t, have protect their tweets.

Still, if you would like to read more of their vitriol, one website has captured several screen grabs and posted them online for your viewing pleasure.

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