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Inside Snoop Lion’s 4/20 Bash



Snoop’s 4/20 party was shut down sooner than later Saturday afternoon due to multiple neighbor complaints.

The “Snoop Lion 420 Festival” that was held in a Hollywood Hills mansion came to a screeching halt when cops arrived. Law enforcement shut the party down soon after it began, and get this,  Snoop hadn’t even arrived to his own soiree yet.

According to reports, neighbors in the area complained about the noise level, and the streets being cluttered with cars from the guests. Not to mention, Snoop didn’t have the correct permits to host his weed smoking bash.

When the reincarnated rapper finally arrived to the festival, he cooperated with the cops and understood why they had to shut it down. A source tells HipHollywood that the cops were patient, and allowed Snoop to hang for thirty minutes before being forced to leave.

Take a look at the photos below from inside Snoop’s 4/20 blowout. Celebrity guests included Too Short, Don Magic Juan, and Carla and Melissa Howe.

Snoop 2

Snoop 3

Snoop 1

Snoop 4

Snoop 5

Snoop 6

Snoop 7

Don Juan 1

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