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Daddy Yankee: I’m Not Gay!



Puerto Rican artist Daddy Yankee is denying rumors that he came out of the closet on Wednesday. Reports circulating online claimed that the singer issued a statement from inside a gay nightclub where he allegedly admitted he was batting for the other team.

Yankee took to Twitter to slam the rumor, quoting Albert Einstein in the process.

“‘I fear the day when technology exceeds our humanity. The world will only have a generation of idiots.”

The Reggaeton star didn’t stop there, adding:

“They’ve killed me, they’ve defamed me and they will continue to invent sh** about me online, but there is only one truth.”

A rep for the singer also denied the reports, telling the Huffington Post,  “The story that is circulating about Daddy Yankee’s homosexuality declaration is a false story written by an Internet portal as many others, dedicated to fabricate and disseminate news through social networks.”

That being said, if Yankee was gay, why in the world would he issue a statement from inside a gay nightclub? People really do believe anything.

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