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Tyler Perry Gets Provocative with “Temptation”



Tyler Perry leaves behind Madea for his new seductive thriller, Tyler Perry’s Temptation. Quite possibly Perry’s most provocative project to date, the film tackles the issue of infidelity. Actress Jurnee Smollett-Bell plays a married woman who embarks on an obsessive relationship behind her husband’s back.

HipHollywood sat down with Perry and the cast, including Smollett-Bell, Brandy, Lance Gross and Robbie Jones, to talk about the film and a possible new direction for Perry. “It does feel different,” said Perry. “But that was my point. I wanted this to be a younger movie, a sexier movie, because I wanted to draw the attention of my core audience but also a younger audience because the message is so important.”

But while the film is heavy on the drama, there are a few laughs brought on by none other than reality star, Kim Kardashian.

“My character Ava is someone that selfishly wants everyone to around her to look good so she looks good,” said Kardashian. “I was really excited to play this role and to have my character not be so dark in the film but have a little light role in it.”

Check out what else Kim K, Perry and cast had to say about the film.

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