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Rob Kardashian Accused of Robbing A Paparrazo



Looks like “Yeezy taught” a few things to Kim Kardashian’s little brother too!  Taking a page from his sister’s boyfriend, Rob Kardashian has been accused of assaulting a paparazzo – and stealing his memory card!

The alleged incident took place yesterday afternoon when the paparazzo apparently snapped a photo of Kardashian without his shirt on.  Furious over the intrusion, Kardashian (who has been publicly struggling with his recent weight gain) reportedly accosted the paparazzo and snatched the memory card out of his camera so that the unsightly photos would not be released.  In his defense, Kardashian reportedly promised to pay the paparazzo back for his card.

Rob Kardashian

Still, that wasn’t good enough for the miffed paparazzo, who promptly went to the police to file a robbery report.

Police are currently investigating the case.  A rep for Kardashian has not yet responded to a request for comment.


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