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Rihanna’s Message To Beyonce, Katy Perry: Bow Down!



Beyonce may feel that she reigns supreme in the music world, but she’s not alone. A recent article out of the United Kingdom revealed that Rihanna is the most influential pop star in Britain, surpassing Beyonce, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and One Direction.

The analysis, conducted by UK’s 4Music, looked at social media activity, airplay and press coverage to determine which pop star has the largest reach. Rihanna spotted the article and posted a screen grab of it on Instagram, writing:

“I only know how to be number 1!! I could use a challenge … ‘How dat feel down there on ya knees, Huh?!'”

The Barbadian beauty accompanied the caption with a bevy of hashtags, but some are taking the message as a direct rebuttal to Beyonce’s latest song, “Bow Down.” On the track, King Bey brags about being the most successful female artist in the game, a claim that Rihanna could make an argument against. That’s because Rih has over a dozen #1 records, which is at least five more than Beyonce.


Rihanna is making a case for not bowing down, but who do you think is the queen: Beyonce or Rihanna?

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